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AUGUST 25 - 27, 2020

Conference Speakers


Dave Rousse

President, INDA, Association of The Nonwoven Fabrics Industry


Dave Rousse became INDA’s President in late 2012 following over 15 years’ experience in nonwoven producing companies and an entire career in engineered materials since graduating from Dartmouth and its associated Engineering and Business schools. Rousse was President, Hygiene/Medical Americas at Fiberweb in Simpsonville, SC before being promoted in 2007 to President of all of Fiberweb Americas and basing in Nashville. Prior to Fiberweb, Rousse was a Vice President at Monadnock Paper Mills, a manufacturer of nonwovens and specialty papers. He was also a Vice President & General Manager at FiberMark Inc., another specialty paper/nonwovens producer. Prior to that he held a series of marketing/sales leadership positions at International Paper.

Tuesday, August 25
8:50 am - 8:55 am


Thursday, August 27
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Battle of Determining “Flushability:” INDA’s GD4 vs IWSFG PAS

What testing protocol to use in determining if a wipe can be marketed as a “Flushable Wipe” has come down to a choice between the INDA/EDANA GD4 testing guidelines, and the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) of the International Waster Safety Flushability Group (IWSFG). While some progress has been made aligning on “Do Not Flush” labeling of non-flushables, a large gap remains between the scientifically-based GD4 tests and pass/fail criteria, and the “Pee, Poop & Paper” ideology of the IWSFG. This talk will delve into the main differences between the two, and expose the dangers of policy makers opting to PAS.