Hyatt Regency Minneapolis   |   Minneapolis, Minnesota   |   June 17-20, 2024

Conference Speakers


Yash Jaipuria

CEO, Ginni Filaments Ltd


Driving the company's growth and expansion plans, Mr. Yash Jaipuria holds the position of Chief Executive of Ginni Filaments Limited.

He heads the Consumer Products Division where wet wipes and liquid cosmetics are manufactured under the Cosmetic, Pharma, AYUSH, and Medical Device licenses.

In 2011, he did his B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA). He worked under the mentorship of Mr. R.R. Maheshwari in the spunlace nonwoven and wet wipes converting units. During that period Johnson & Johnson started the manufacture of baby wipes in India with Ginni. It was a time when Ginni learned about the good hygiene practices and the culture required to manufacture world-class products.

In 2017, he started leading the Consumer Products Division. 2018, during the transition to the GST regime, he successfully handled the regulatory challenges. He also set up the liquid cosmetics division, during the same period.

Post 2018, the Indian wet wipes industry saw an immense increase in competition with a large amount of attrition. He maintained a healthy team which helped deliver the right quality, price, and customer service.

He navigated the COVID period of increased demand with capacity enhancement and quick product development. He set up the first-of-its-kind ATEX-compliant pharma wipes manufacturing unit to serve the peak COVID demand. A baby wipes manufacturing facility was also set up in the same location to provide logistic and cost efficiencies to the domestic and export markets.

He believes that success comes through the collaborative efforts of all, in which a positive work culture plays a huge role. Known for his down-to-earth and approachable nature, Yash ensures that every voice is heard and respected.

Under his progressive insight, the company is taking noteworthy strides to create a sustainable future. Moreover, his commitment to giving back to society inspires everyone.

Wednesday, June 19
9:00 am - 10:30 am
Leading Alternatives to Traditional Plastics Used in Wipes

A Wet Wipe Made with Recycled PET Fiber

This presentation deals with development of a unique fabric made from recycled PET bottles, which is then converted into wet wipes suitable for babies and surface cleaning.

It has become evident now that although invention of plastic was a boon to mankind, but irresponsible usage and disposal has made it a curse. Possible replacement is, use of fibers from natural sources, but looking into LCA and the amount of landscape required to replace all plastics, it seems to be almost impossible. So, in this paper an approach is taken in on circularity and recycled material to reduce carbon footprint. We have used a spunlace fabric made from post-consumer waste PET bottle. Although use of recycled polyester is not new, but its suitability for hygiene products is always in question, due to substances and its poor whiteness. We addressed these problems and used the raw material which is GRI complied and oeko-tex-standard-100 certified & having high whiteness index, 30% less carbon footprint, free from harmful chemicals (APEO, NPEO) with physical traceability and digital traceability blockchain (WIB). The lotion we choose, is having minimum amount of chemicals (i.e. 99% water). The sample is made by using 100% rain water. Our product is a testament to circular economy and its bid to reduce carbon footprint, addressing environmental concerns which is crucial for sensitive products such as baby wipes. The packaging is recyclable and sustainable. We are promoting a concept of circularity, recyclability and sustainability and it may lead further more innovations.