Hyatt Regency Minneapolis   |   Minneapolis, Minnesota   |   June 17-20, 2024

Conference Speakers


Chad Provonsha

Director, Sales & Marketing, Asahi Kasei Advance America, Inc.


Chad Provonsha is a seasoned international business executive and the Director of Sales and Marketing at Asahi Kasei Advance America. In his role as Director, he spearheads the sales and marketing strategies, driving business growth and fostering partnerships with clients across various industries. With an impressive 25-year career in international business development, Chad has established himself as an expert in the field of sustainable materials.

One of Chad's notable areas of specialization is in sustainable nonwovens, with a focus on the innovative Bemliese™ cellulose material. Chad's deep knowledge of Bemliese™ nonwoven and his ability to leverage its unique properties have led him to launch innovative solutions that address sustainability challenges without compromising product quality or functionality.

Chad's international experience is further amplified by his seven-year stint in Japan, where he immersed himself in the local culture and became fluent in Japanese. This experience not only strengthened his ability to navigate the global market but also fostered invaluable relationships with Japanese business partners. Alongside his international experience, Chad brings a wealth of knowledge in sustainable packaging materials, championing eco-friendly solutions and promoting environmental responsibility throughout his career.

Wednesday, June 19
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
WOW Lightning Talks

Asahi Kasei Advance America, Inc.