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JULY 17 - 20, 2023
Atlanta Marriott Marquis
Atlanta, Georgia

Conference Speakers


Matt Kocian

Product Manager Director, Berry Global

Wednesday, July 19
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm
Transparency in the Supply Chain

Certified Traceability Systems - Their Value & the Security Offered When Making Sustainability Claims

With consumer demand for raw material transparency strengthening, we as industry leaders must continue to keep that transparency top of mind as we provide cost effective sustainable solutions. Berry Global is the first company to obtain raw material and substrate traceability with ISCC+ certification in several of our nonwoven sites in the US. Matt Kocian will discuss the value that certified traceability systems provide throughout the value chain and how it impacts sustainability claims that may be made. In addition, Kocian will share his thoughts on the acceptance of such claims by consumers, and why it is important for the industry as a whole to lean forward in the creation of a circular economy.