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AUGUST 25 - 27, 2020

Conference Speakers


Kay McCoy

Technical Sales Representative, Pulcra Chemicals LLC


•     BA Chemistry, Erskine College, Due West, SC

•     MS Textile Chemistry, Clemson School of Textiles, Clemson SC

•     37 total years of experience in fibers, nonwovens and fiber finish development with the majority of that time divided between

•     10 years at 3M Company, St. Paul MN in multiple nonwoven product development roles and

•     24 years at Pulcra Chemicals (formerly called Henkel), Rock Hill SC in various fiber finish formulation and process development roles.

Thursday, August 27
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Can 100% Cellulosic Fabrics Be Designed to Meet the Same Performance of Synthetic Fiber Web Blends? An Investigation of Performance of Novel Fiber and Fabric Treatments on 100% Cellulosic Nonwoven Wipe Fabrics.

100% cellulosic fiber webs are gaining market interest to replace synthetic fiber webs because of consumer demand for a more natural, biodegradable material and the recent legislation against traditional plastic-containing materials. There is, however, a question of how the different properties of 100% cellulosic fiber webs impact the final product performance versus the synthetic fiber web blends. Fiber finish or post web treatments could potentially change the performance of the cellulosic webs to obtain properties similar to the synthetic fiber web blends, but with an improved environmental profile.

An investigation has been initiated to evaluate a series of finish formulations to provide enhanced cellulosic web performance The evaluations will be completed by comparing the absorbency profiles that are critical to the function of wipes and how they retain and/or release lotion and active ingredients. Testing of the optimum performance web finish treatments on the 100% cellulosic will be completed and compared to the performance of synthetic web blends with respect to the absorbent and release profiles. From this testing, conclusions can then be drawn on the 100% cellulosic web performance with respect to end uses such as: baby, cosmetic, and disinfecting wipes.

In conjunction with this evaluation, work will be completed to characterize the performance of a renewable source finish that is currently under development for nonwoven substrates.