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JUNE 22 - 25, 2020
Hyatt Regency
1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Conference Speakers


Rebecca Mick, Ph.D.

Technical Sustainability Lead / Research Scientist, Amcor


Rebecca Mick, PhD combines her passion for polymers and the environment as the Technical Sustainability Lead for Amcor. She applies her technical expertise to the entire sustainable package lifecycle: from pellet to package to pellet. Rebecca is currently involved in projects around recyclable packaging design, recycled content use, and other sustainability initiatives. She looks forward to educating customers about these efforts and the ever changing recycling landscape. Rebecca has a PhD in Chemical Engineering specializing in polymer rheology from Illinois Institute of Technology. Amcor is a major supplier of plastic packaging used by leading food, consumer products, healthcare, and other companies worldwide. Amcor works collaboratively with forward-thinking customers to deliver inspired packaging that enables customer success.  
Wednesday, June 26
2:00 pm - 3:20 pm
Sustainability Challenge: Throwing Plastics Away When There is No Away I

Packaging Sustainability: How the Industry is Responding to Growing Concern

As consumer awareness of the environmental impacts of plastic packaging grows, attitudes are shifting. What was once a “green myth” – the consumer willing to pay more for sustainable packaging – has become reality.

Manufacturers are also facing stricter regulatory oversight and guidelines from the government, applying greater urgency for CPGs to understand the full-circle environmental impact that their packaging platforms provide.

These influences, and others, have driven CPGs to respond with ambitious sustainability goals related to packaging. Sustainability can mean many different things, but the common focus is on end of life solutions.

In this session, Amcor will discuss sustainability impacts across the entire value chain of plastic packaging, with a special focus on the challenges related to recycling. We will review the spectrum of options to consider as you develop new products and packaging, ranging from source reduction and lightweighting all the way to advanced materials and technologies that enable waste reduction.