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AUGUST 25 - 27, 2020

Conference Speakers


Christian Lenges

Business Development Manager, DuPont Industrial BioSciences


Christian Lenges, Business Development Leader in the DuPont BioMaterials business, is driving the development, launch & commercialization of catalytic growth businesses to make industrially important chemicals and materials from renewable feedstocks. Extended experience in a variety of roles at DuPont with focus on business innovation, new product development and venture leadership building an industry leading portfolio of bio-businesses.
Thursday, August 27
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Challenges of Plastics in Nonwoven Wipes I

Building a More Plastic-free Wipe – Renewable Performance Additives

Polysaccharides are important biopolymers with a wide range of industrial and consumer product applications. Cellulose is broadly utilized as structural material for nonwoven products, often in combination with synthetic fibers or binders. Momentum is building for the selection of more sustainable consumer nonwoven products. In turn, this is accelerating material and process innovation to enable lower carbon footprint material selection and ideally plastic-free, waste-stream compatible, potentially biodegradable product solutions.

DuPont BioMaterials has developed a family of engineered polysaccharides through the selective polymerization of sucrose to provide materials ranging in molecular weights, polymer architecture and particle morphology. The underlying enzymatic polymerization process offers the opportunity to design the polysaccharide structure to provide numerous performance advances in combination with nonwoven structures, especially for wipes.

This presentation will focus on this new material category and provide two specific application examples for the use of this new material category in wipe related applications. The first example outlines the use of engineered polysaccharides to provide strength and performance improvements to wetlaid nonwovens with focus on wet-wipe applications. The second example will discuss the application of engineered polysaccharides to formulate latex based binder systems to as performance enhancing additive in binder applications.